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The Halloween costumes are much different now than they used to be years ago. The choices are extensive when it comes to Halloween costumes, and you don’t have to necessarily break your bank to get your favourite costume; thanks to a number of online stores that are available these days selling the costumes at such affordable prices.

For the Halloween party this season, if you want to look totally different, but need a good idea, then an old man costume can be the best bet.  Though there are a lot of
other possibilities of the commonplace and usual, but if you want something in
particular that nobody else would be wearing, then you don’t have to look any
forward than an old man costume.

Thank you for choosing OldManCostume.Com! You will be able to find everything to create the look of an old man to liven up or scare your friends. You will be the hit of the get together when no one can guess who the old man that just walked in is. Fooling your friends and family with an old man costume can be rather simple to pull off if you design the best possible costume and arrive inconspicuously.

To create the best old man costume, you need a wrinkly mask with moles and warts. There are many different masks to choose from. You can be an old man of nearly any ethnic background. Some old man costume masks are scary while others are rather sweet and kind. Choose a gray wig or a mask with the hair attached. Old men usually slump over and walk with a cane or choose a stick to make the look even more realistic. Some of the older generation smoked corn cob pipes and wore straw hats. A feather stuck in the band around the straw hat is a hilarious accent. They kept time by their pocket watches hooked to a chain. A pair of bibbed overalls is the ideal way to create an old man costume. Roll up the legs of the overalls for an eye-catching touch. A checkered or flannel shirt under the overalls will give the old fashioned appeal.

You should choose a pair of old shoes. Many of you have grandparents who may be willing to contribute to your old man costume. Loosely lace the boots and leave them untied. Once you change your voice, your friends will be mystified by the old man that just arrived. You can reach out to shake hands with your hook or even try on a pair of old wrinkled hands that are available for accessorizing the look. These suggestions should help you on your way to becoming the best old man at the party.

There is no deficiency of the different types of costumes that are available for old man or old woman get up. There are myriad of choices literally. You have to decide which one appeals you most.  A typical old man costume may include highwater plaid pants, with stuffed belly and a belt. Apart from the costumes, you would need some additional
accessories to make yourself a perfect old man this Halloween. A cane, wrinkled
face mask, eye glasses and a gray combover wig would do the trick. If you are a
pair, then you may want your lady to dress up in an old woman costume too, to
make a perfect old couple this Halloween.

It is possible to make this costume at home, but given the busy schedule that people have these days, the best option is to buy the costumes online. They are not at all expensive, and save so much of your precious time, which you would otherwise spend on collecting the material and putting it together to have your costume ready. And besides spending a
considerable time, you would still need to spend the money for getting all the
required material.

Remember how on last Halloween you spent hours and hours to prepare the perfect looking old man costume but couldn’t get it right?

Well this year you do not need to go through this painful and tiring pursuit, because we bring you the ready-made old man costumes.

Whether you want to be a funny old man, coughing his way to the party place or you want to scare people out of their skins with the creepy looks, it’s up to you. All you have to do is decide and order, because we have it all.

For a funny little old man with a paunch around the belly, we have the following offerings. You get loose fitted black pants with straps to go over your shoulders. You get a lacy white shirt and a funny tight coat to cover it up.

This old man costume cannot be complete with a little pillow to place under your shirt to get a big paunch on your belly. Also you can get a big white beard with antique round spectacles to rest on your nose. Besides this you also get a cane to give the complete
look to the funny old man costume.

To get the scary look, you have to have the ghostly looking
wrinkled face, which frightens people easily. You can choose from a variety of
masks with wrinkles all over to complement your scary look.

Another inevitable part of the old man costume is the terrifying wig, with white hair just at the corners. With the mask and the wig on, just add a little husky and ghostly voice to give shudders to your party mates.

For more old man costumes, log on to the site and get the one that suits your this year’s Halloween’s plans.

Coming up with a perfect old man costume yourself will take a skilled hand in make-up.  Like in the movies, people can look aged if the make-up is done right.  Not everybody has that skill to make it look so realistic so why not buy an old man costume instead.

Old man costumes come with a mask so that will spare you the time and effort of applying make-u to your face.  The look is completed with the right type of clothing and you can even add in some of your extra effort, spray some old perfume, and act like an old man.

You can really be convincing with a good act and fool your friends and family this Halloween season.  You may look like the ordinary old man, but they will surely be surprised to find out that you are actually a young adult.  The more creative you are the better. People will line-up to see your costume when well played.

Having a good costume is not always enough.  You have to play the part well to give that extra spice to it.  It would be a great Halloween costume because it is not the usual choice of many.  If you pull it off perfectly, you may consider wearing it for other occasions like for a play or movie.

These costumes are sold in many places so you do not have to worry about availability.  People are always coming up with ways to be different in costume parties and this is one definite way to become original.  Have some fun and try to convince other people that you are really an old man.  The unveiling of your true age will come as a surprise to many, which will make the event even more exciting than anticipated.  Old people are not as boring as you would think.

Accessorizing Your Old Man Costume

The best way to accessorize your old man costume is to think like an old man. It can be tons of fun to accessorize your old man costume. Dressing like an old man means carrying the things with you that an old man might carry. For instance, a walking stick or a cane might be a fitting accessory for an old man to carry. You might get non-corrective eye glasses to simulate poor vision, or a fake hearing aid, for example. You might also want to carry denture cream, hemorrhoid ointment or some other ‘old many’ type of product with you to drive home the fact that you are old!

The Right Fit for Your Old Man Costume

Don’t turn into an old codger due to an improperly fitting costume. It can be hard enough as it is to be an old man, let alone to be an old man who is wearing a costume that doesn’t fit him! That’s why you should always measure your old man costume before you buy it. How can you play shuffle board, go fishing, or simply snooze in your recliner properly if you are wearing something that is too snug? Measure around the waist, hips, chest and torso and make note of your height and weight, and then compare these measurements to the size chart for the costume you like.

The Halloween repertoire of costumes has grown so much since the tradition first began. Outfits that had seemingly no use can today be modified to bring out several characters. Take the Old Man Costume for instance. Here is one character that can be turned into so many – from the grumpy old man, to the forgetful old chap, to the loving old grandfather or even the socially incorrigible fellow. For men, this is a chance to get into a costume that gives them the liberty to improvise and do something very different this Halloween season. Accessorize with suspenders, a walking stick, some thick glasses and even a skull cap and you are set.


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