Affiliate Disclaimer/Privacy Notice

Our operations are designed and follow protocols to ensure fairness and integrity in every interaction with our readers and customers as well online viewers. In this regard, we highly value online users’ privacy and any information submitted that may be collected while parties view our websites.

To be clear on exactly how any information collected is used, this notice is provided to specify exactly what is collected and how it is used and protected from inappropriate use. We anticipate with this explanation any concerns regarding submission of personal data will be relieved and accommodated.

Affiliate Disclaimer Notice

Many of our websites include links to affiliate partners for monetization activities. These images and connections are disclosed as third party businesses that our websites generate revenue from as viewers click on the links and go to those locations. The revenue is generated either by a click-through action or the viewer consummating some sort of purchase from the third party via the provided link. We do not control those third party websites or their services or product offered. We only control our affiliation with them which we disclose with this notice.

Personal Data

Due to the nature of how web browsers work and interact with websites, our sites are able to capture information from viewers as they visit the website while browsing the Internet. This most common means of this information exchange happens with files known as browser cookies. Using these files and other information provided by a user’s computer, we are able to receive data on a user’s location, computer identification, Internet server, and Internet provider. Additionally, when users interact with our websites we are also able to collect identification data associated with a person’s name, e-mail, any company identified, any phone number submitted, and any mailing address entered. As you can see, the information related to a given party can be quite specific.

The data submitted as well as provided by a user and his computer allows our websites to interact with viewers and customers, and to provide desired services and products once the customer has initiated contact. It allows our businesses to take the provided data and include customers in our mailing lists, email newsletters, email communications, customer database, marketing activities, service requests, issue tracking logs, and website analytic reports. All of this data is used by our businesses to improve our services and provide a better product to our customers.

Once received, the personal data provided is saved on our computers and servers until deleted by our businesses. We do not sell this information to third parties or transact with it in any manner aside from interactions with our customers. We are only required to provide it to other parties when presented with a legal subpoena or warrant demand production of the information for a civil or criminal legal proceeding.

How to Control Cookies and Similar Browser Features

As noted earlier, Internet browser software utilizes subset features and tools to enhance the browsing experience. Cookies and similar tools make website loading faster given a user’s previous experience on the same Internet location.

Cookies involve a file that saves a user’s information and identification features to tell a website who a visitor happens to be. Many websites save this information to then run reports on visitors for future marketing activities.

Web beacons represent another type of viewer tracking. This tool takes and image snapshot of what a visitor happens to be doing on a website location. This allows a more detail monitoring of traffic flows of visitors over time.

Browser software includes options to cancel use of cookies or beacons and their creation during a browser session. Users can proactively turn off these features and prevent their tracking before it ever occurs. Instructions on how to effect this change can be found in the help section of the particular browser software being used. That said, restriction of the tools can limit the full capability of websites visited.

Use, Distribution and Removal of Information Collected

As information is collected over time, our business will re-use the information as described above. Should our business be sold or transferred, ownership of this information will transfer as well to the new party.

Customers and visitors can always notify us of their interest in specific individual information be removed. We will honor those requests as much as possible, to the extent the information still exists at the time. All requests should be sent to (insert email address).

Ongoing Changes and Agreement

We reserve the right to change and update our policy as may be necessary in the future. We will try to provide notice to our customers on record regarding any major changes. General notice will be provided on our websites as policy changes are made.

Use of our websites represents proactive legal agreement to our above policies. If a user or visitor does not want to agree, then our websites should not be visited anymore by the particular user.

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